Reiki treatment

A Reiki treatment is a loving way towards healing; it is a benefaction to your body, mind and soul.
During a Reiki treatment I will place my hands on your clothed body. The Reiki energy flows to you through my hands, going to the cause of your complaints. It is a powerful aid for your natural healing process. You do not have to believe in Reiki, but I invite you to experience it for yourself. Only when you have felt it, you know if it is true for you.

Experience the deep relaxation and renewing of your spirit; make an appointment with me.

Open evenings for Reiki treatment

Everyone with a Reiki degree is welcome at these practice evenings, when we give and receive Reiki and exchange our experiences. Guests are welcome too, so that they can experience what Reiki is. The open evenings take place on every third Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. Please consult the agenda for the next open evenings.

Doors open at 7.30 p.m. Treatment from 8.00 until 10.00 p.m.
Investment: EUR 5.

Please sign-up before the event.

Reiki classes

Learning Reiki is a gift that can never be taken from you. Reiki is approachable and anyone can learn it: no special conditions apply. Actually, Reiki helps you to remember what you already know; you put your hand on the part of your body that is bothering you, the part where the energy is upset.
The Reiki classes are given according to the traditional method of Usui Shiki Ryoho and the guidelines of The Reiki Alliance and the NVRM.

All Reiki classes can be taken in English.

Reiki 1 class
The first degree class is given in four sessions of three hours on four consecutive days. In other words, you will have classes of a half-day on four days in a row. Practice shows that this allows you to integrate this gentle energy into your own system and into your daily life. During the sessions, you will learn about the background of Reiki, you will learn the basic hand positions to give Reiki to yourself and others and you will discover ways to apply Reiki in your daily life.

Please consult the agenda for the next course dates. The start and end times of the classes are arranged in consultation with the students. If the dates do not suit you but you would still like to take Reiki classes, please contact me.

Reiki 2 class
The second degree class is given to students who have experienced the healing power of Reiki for some time and are looking for a deepening and strengthening of their Reiki practice. This class is given in three sessions of three hours each. During the sessions, you will learn about the symbols with which you can send energy to people or situations without being present. Reiki 2 offers personal growth and will support your own development.

Dates will be arranged in consultation with the students.