Why would you?

You only experience true freedom if you can be yourself at any moment and in any situation. This does not come naturally. So often we let ourselves be ruled by our thoughts. Some of us have adapted ourselves so much during our lives that we cannot even remember who we are or what we really want deep inside.
When you come to me for a consultation or treatment, we will mainly focus on what you feel and experience; on becoming aware of yourself. This is important because you need to be in touch with your body and with yourself to find all answers to your own questions. Being in touch with yourself is the key to finding your own happiness and freedom. Looking for happiness outside yourself does not make sense. You cannot find that “someone” who will make you happy, or buy that “something” which you believe to make you happy. This kind of happiness is always temporary. True happiness, as well as love, wisdom and serenity can be found in yourself, deep inside. As psychiatrist Carl Jung said: “Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”

How does it work?

Everything is energy and when you come to me for a consultation or treatment, we will tune into your energy and your experiences. Purposefully, we will work on your awareness of your deepest self, your own strength and your own identity, so that you can obtain personal growth. Depending on your requests and personal preferences, we will determine what kind of approach suits you best.

  • During a Reiki treatment you lay on a massage table and we will not speak much. Reiki is a Japanese method in which universal energy is given to your body through the therapist’s hands. This energy supports your self-healing abilities and works where it is needed (on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels).
  • In a counselling consultation we focus on your personal questions in a conversation. I help you to get in touch with yourself and with the underlying layers of your experiences, so that you gain insight in these matters yourself. We talk, but we focus on feeling and experiencing. And about learning how to get to this feeling yourself.
  • In coaching sessions we have a number of conversations that focus on gaining self-awareness, believing in yourself and developing effective behaviour. Here, too, we will look closely at your core and the causes of your behaviour, but coaching concentrates on teaching effective behaviour and skills. We will do some exercises and you will be given assignments to make at home.

Why with me?

I am fully convinced that everyone has the right to be themselves and I know from experience how hard this can be. I wish everyone to feel freedom and inner peace, to be themselves at any moment and at any occasion, to go with the flow of all the changes that life offers you.

By now, I have worked for more than fifteen years in Reiki. Being a qualified coach, therapist, teacher of spiritual therapy and Reiki master, I can draw from a wide range of skills and experience of empathy and spirituality. In addition I have worked in business for more than 30 years in the field of strategy and analysis. I apply spirituality in a down-to-earth way and in daily practice.

I would love to offer you my lovingly helping hands to support you in taking your next steps in life.