Personal growth through awareness

Every person has the right to be themselves. Who are you?
Are you able to listen to the language that your body and your inner self speak? Can you distinguish between what your inner self tells you and what your mind tells you or what others have imposed? Or are you still searching...?
Are you bothered by yourself, your body, your thoughts, your emotions or certain people? Do you feel like there is something wrong, or that you cannot live to your full potential? Only when you are really in touch with yourself you can find all answers to your own questions.

My talent and passion is to bring you back in touch with yourself and to make you aware of your self-worth and your own way. When you are aware of your own strength and identity, we can work on your personal growth together. We can pick a specific and personal approach that suits you, through my broad empathic, spiritual and analytical experience. Please read the sections below about the different approaches we can choose from.

Reiki treatments as well as classes and consultations can be given in English.

Isabelle Hulsman - van der Werff
Bergen op Zoom

Reiki Master Usui Shiki Ryoho (member of the Reiki Alliance & NVRM)
Holistic therapist, cousellor
Teacher of  holistic therapy
Coach (professional, member NOBCO)



Open evenings for Reiki treatment 

The open evenings for Reiki treatment are canceled for the time being.
Treatments and courses (individual) are possible again.

Reiki class dates 

First grade class: four sessions of three hours each.
Please contact me for class dates.

Second grade class: three sessions of three hours each.
Please contact me for class dates.

All classes can be taken in English.



Experience the beneficence of Reiki treatment for body, mind and soul



Discover clues to your questions during a counselling consultation

Effective behaviour


From becoming aware to applying effective behaviour