Counselling consultation

Counselling is a process that helps you use your own and other resources to address problems that are getting in the way of your well-being. You will work collaboratively with your counsellor or therapist to identify and work towards your goals. Through the counselling process, you can develop a better understanding of yourself, including patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and the ways in which these patterns may have become problematic in your life.

As a therapist I have deepened the natural emphatic abilities that are present in every person. I work from the basic principle that energy flows through the body and this energy should flow everywhere. If this is the case, you feel basically good and balanced. Taking as our starting point that each person has self-healing abilities, I help you in becoming aware of yourself, your source, and your blockings if there are any.  

A counselling consultation is about your personal needs. It can be an acute problem or an issue that has been there for some time. Next to that, it can also be about a vague feeling there is “something” wrong, something that you would like to clear up. By tuning into your energy, I help you to get in touch with yourself and the underlying layers of your experiences. For it is only when you are in touch with your “own self” that you can find the key to answering your own questions.
In some cases, we do not focus that much on getting rid of your “complaint” as quickly as possible, but more on feeling what it means to you and what is actually asked of you. These questions are hard to answer by yourself and that is why I am there for you as a therapist, to help you on your way to the next step on your own path.

A consultation can be a single meeting (of about one hour), but depending on your needs we can make one or more follow-up appointments. 

Consultations can be given in English.