Sometimes, even though you have tried everything, you still fall back to your old habits.
Learning new skills is no use then, because the reason lies in underlying feelings, thoughts and patterns. In this case it is advisable to follow personal coaching, during which we zoom into your core and the deeper cause of this behaviour; those are the key to lasting change. From a growing awareness of your own way, wisdom and self-worth, your own strengths and your identity, we work on effective behaviour and skills. This does have lasting results.

The essence of coaching is unleashing your potential. Coaching increases your self-knowledge, your responsibility and your belief in yourself. When you come to me, we will keep the future in mind while working on your development, change or improvement.
Since I have worked for more than 30 years as a marketing manager in business, I am also very experienced in work and business-related coaching topics.

Coaching is an individual programme that consists of an intake and a number of sessions, mostly five to seven. During the intake meeting we will make your question and goals clear and we will discuss the method and investment.

Coaching can be taken in English.